Its been a while since i last logged in. Back in 2019 i eper

Its been a while since i last logged in. Back in 2019 i eperienced my husband addiction of drugs 2 years down the line i am still dealing with it while he says i am sober or i didnt do it or whatever . I got my things together got us a new place and moved from where we grew up and this town made him worse!!!! i am a non addict of my wole life but my parents were both addicts and i loost my childhood to their addiction which is why i choose the no drug life. :) i dont think i have enough suport as i am surrounded by all EX addicts!!! I really dont know where to go, i really want to trust him and allow him a chance to stay sober and get life going aian for himself like he was when i met him, but im at all lost hop of this. he refuses to delete bad habits form his phone, he constantly watches moveis or shows about drugs which drives me crazy . I did kick him out in the cold no where to go about 2 weeks ago due to his addictions and i am the bad guy?? we have a 5y/o girl so i put her before him and idc if he slept in the cold on the streets like a bum due to his addictions. I just dont thionk i am ment to keep going on with him, i have love for him but not his lifestule, if i wuld of known his addictions before i met him i would of turned the other head and kept looking for someone else. He is always accusing me of chetaing and since i kicked him out 2 weeks ago he really thinks so.,I dont get hiow Addict are supose to think that US NON Addicts are suppose to be ok with yalls lifestyle??

AM I ALONE?? i am lost with all ends of this !!! i literally hate adicts and drugs !

It's very difficult to deal with an active addict. It's brutal to watch as well. It's understandable why you put your daughter first, especially given your childhood experiences. Are you wrong for kicking him out? Absolutely not. I hope that you explained it to him. It's aggravating to be accused of something that you're not doing.
Not all addicts are bad people. The active addicts, are obviously hurting. You'll never find someone who is happy with themselves and their life using. The addicts going through recovery and are clean have overcome many obstacles. So, try not to hate them.

You now know what signs to look for. Learn from your experience and grow from it. You're obviously a great mom who wants the best for her kids. It's amazing that you chose a different path than addiction. If you need/want to talk, I'm here. You're far from alone.

Thank you for that . I explained to him it’s tough love and sorry I left you on the streets like a bum that we see . But everytime I see a bum now I picture him :frowning: