It's been about 3 years since my fourth surgery. I never got

It's been about 3 years since my fourth surgery. I never got my energy or stamina back again either as some others have shared here. I know it wasn't because of depression because through my whole ordeal I never got depressed. I was prepared spiritually for all I went through, had lots of my women friends praying for me, my family supporting me etc. Now, I think I am sort of depressed but I don't think it's because I had cancer or lost my boobs. It's more like, because I've been laid up, unable to do as much for all this time. So my doctor was helping me try to figure out why I never regained all my energy and he never could. I have a new doctor and he's trying to help figure it out now. The only way I can describe this is that I'm a cup with only so much water (my energy) and once the cup is empty of water it can't be refilled til the next day and sometimes if I push myself too hard it'll take days to recover my energy. If I get the flue or something, it could take weeks rather than just days, now. When the cup is empty or in other words when the energy is gone, it can't be pushed through like I could when I was younger. Can anyone explain this phenomenon? I never had any chemo or radiation. Just four surgeries at age 53, all in one year.

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I am not in the same situation with cancer, but anything strong, like say antibiotics, giving birth, a sting, can mess with my hormones big time, I am working on eating really well, getting massages, going for acupuncture and working out and it is still a work in progress after I got stung a few months ago, got an infection, went on strong meds and I still feel out of sorts.

@CKBlossom, well I went through menopause as soon as I had my last surgery. Boy was I happy. Never been so relieved in my life. Menopause was not a negative experience for me at all. The years leading up to it were though.