It's been awhile, but I'm glad to say I have been on a rigid

It's been awhile, but I'm glad to say I have been on a rigid non binge eating diet. It has lasted 4 weeks now, which is the longest I haven't binged in my life other than 2 destructive periods of anoxexia. My main motivator is my internship is ending soon, and I will then counselor others with addictions. I've always self medicated with food. It was there for my depression, my anxiety, and it helped numb me for a bit. I was at my heaviest which is much to say when you had BED most of your life. You can make changes, and I'm telling you from the other side feels so much better. I actually can identify hunger pains, and being thirsty. I'm meditating, walking/hiking, listening to positive affirmations, and just listening to my body and mind more. As I changed to eating 1 serving per meal, I am loosing weight, but I keep bring back to my attention that is not the main reason for this healthier lifestyle change. I am changing and becoming more of what I want to be. Anyone can do this, and I hope you do. :-)

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If I was going to see a counselor because of an eating disorder I don’t want to talk to one who’s had an eating disorder because they really know what they’re talking about. So you will do well there. Helping a lot of people.

Thanks. Food addiction is very similar to other addictions, so hoping can use that to help others. I want to eventually help others with BED, as we all have these stories we need to share. It does get easier but it doesn't go away. It's been a month now! :-)

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@NorthernGrl1 you’re so right. I am sitting here right now so upset with myself for binging the last 24 hours. And I am an addict. I’m in recovery from a few things but now I’m doing the same thing with food that I did with alcohol. I binge and then be good for a few weeks. And repeat. :frowning: