Its been two years

I remember 2years ago when i first thought about suicide i was really scared about it but it just seemed to fit the moment. I still think about it sometimes as an escape for everything this world represents really i think why live a life when youre always gonna get hurt and someone is always gonna put you down sometimes people say if someone knocks you down just get right back up and i just think well if they didnt knock me down i would have to get back up it just seems really pointless id rather stay down and never get back up sometimes i know that after death there seems to be nothing no hurt no bad people just serenity so i just think death is soo much better than living because theres no hurt there. Ive attempt suicide multiple times in the past to years but i almost always get caught the last time i almost past out trying to choke myself to death but i lost grip of the wire i was holding. Even though my suicidal thoughts came from voices at first they are now my own. For now im living because i want to be alive somedays but on the days im down i just dont know what to do because i feel like a failure with all the times ive attempted but have yet to complete it who knows maybe next time ill succeed.

There is a book, it's one of those free ebooks you can read online. Although it's called Revelations 2010 The Cynic's Bible, it's not for tradionally religious people. It's for people who have been tested to the limit. It's about life, death, loss and why we are here. It's about figuring out how God applies in your own individual life. This short book gave me great comfort. I believe it will help anyone in crisis find hope again. I read it at

and also have since found a link on facebook.

Good luck!

Thanks so much for that.