Its breast cancer awareness month

reading the new online and it is breast cancer awareness month. this is a big deal and thought i would share this with everyone. I also noticed when watching football on tv a lot of the guys wear pink gloves and shoes for support, which i think is great.

I think we all need to support research and also learn about prevention. Here is an article i want to share about a couple of prevention tips:

"Obviously, breast cancer prevention would be better than breast cancer treatment. If every woman were to begin a plan specifically designed to help her body cut the cancer process off at the pass, then we would not need a month devoted to breast cancer awareness. Although we do not fully understand all the reasons that cancer occurs, we do have enough information to support preventive measures.

So what do we know so far? I will focus on two main areas of prevention that you can use to get started.

Antioxidants are important and work by scavenging free-radicals in the body that inflict cellular damage that can begin the cancer process. Simply put, the more antioxidants you ingest, the less free-radical damage you will incur...."

You can see the other tip here:

Thanks Victoria for the excellant information.


What wonderful information!! Thanks for sharing with us! Hugs, Manic

i always want to support cancer research and anytime i can promote something as important as this month i want to get it out there. hope everyone is having a great day!