Its come back. I used to suffer with Anxiety and Depression

Its come back. I used to suffer with Anxiety and Depression to the point where I wouldn't leave the house, but I fought it and I beat it. My life was finally where I wanted it to be. But now, the darkness is seeping over me once more and I have no idea where to turn. Ive been to my GP who has given me anti-depressants, but sometimes you just need someone to talk to.

I haven't told my friends, or my family, I feel I guess embarrassed of the fact that I have a mental illness. Im always this strong confident person and I dont want to admit that these smiles, they are all so fake.

What hurts, is noone even notices.

I guess i'm writing here to see if I can speak to others going through the same as me, to find people I feel I can talk to about this.

I Hope i'm in the right place.

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Are you SURE its from depression that you can't leave the house? Could you have, agoraphobia perhaps?

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The depression that hit me before was what stopped me from literally doing anything. Now, after a time of being "normal", its starting to creep back. Its more the anxiety that keeps me from doing things, the constant worry. Its like the depression makes me care about nothing, but the anxiety makes me care about everything. I get quite paranoid about how i look, what people might think of me etc, to the point where i just stay in instead of venturing out.

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@s512 It sounded to me that you needed to see a therapist. Let your doctor who was prescribing anti- depressants for you, recommended a therapist. Sometimes antidepressants are not enough, and you needed to speak to a therapist for support. They would know how to treat these feelings you’re having. Be strong the best is yet, to follow… SG friends are here, to support, and be supported.

You need to learn to block the bad and Force yourself to go out. You already know its unhealthy. Take deep breaths and get dressed. More deep breaths and ONE quick look in the mirror. Then leave...
Even just to have a walk. Once back set another goal..... Farther away..... Keep making goals and keep a journal or write all down in here. We'll help.....