Its frustrating knowing that no matter what you do it will n

Its frustrating knowing that no matter what you do it will never be good enough for your parents. I understand they love their son more and they always wanted 2 sons but its not my fault that i was born as a girl. I get it that they dont love me but it wont kill them if once in a while they appreciate how hard i am trying to keep up to their expectations . Its not easy for me . Day in and day out i do everything while my brother just sits their doing absolutely nothing and yet he gets the credit and i get told to try harder . How much harder should i try ? I get bullied at school yet i dont say anything . Its not like i dont want to but i know what the answer will be . Try harder . I try and try and try but its always never enough . My brother gets everything and i have to beg and beg for even the basic necessities . Why are you wasting our money ? My brother changes phones every time a new one comes out . Thats not wasting money but i wanting to get new shoes because my old ones are torn is wasting money . Im so sick and tired of all this. Recently i had an exam which i barely passed because every time i sat to studies i was told do this do that and yet i am the one to be blamed . I am the one to be told that i am an absolute failure . I dont really know what to do anymore . My body is so sore from doing so much chores . My arms hurt . I have blisters on my feet yet my parents want me to clean my brothers room because he is super tired from sitting all day and deserves an outing with his friends . I hate this . I hate this so much .

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i am very sorry. this sucks, but there isn't anything you can do about it. how long until you are out on your own?

@norseduncan I tried to move to a hostel or something but my parents wont allow me saying they need me here