It's hard being bisexual

It's hard being bisexual.

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Sometimes. But that has more to do with other people than it does with us.

Yeah I agree

It has become so much of a fad though. People either think it's a huge deal or its fake.

@LittleKarl I don’t think it’s so much a fad as that it’s more accepted now that human sexuality doesn’t just include the gay/straight binary. It’s a spectrum. There are still those who think bi/pansexuals are just confused gay people, even within the LGBT community. But I think awareness is spreading so that more people are comfortable admitting that they are attracted to more than one gender.

I think its beautiful to be able to make a connection and be able to have a relationship with both genders because being bi allows one to look beyond a persons gender and love people simply because of their hearts the bad thing however is that we live in a world where people aren't accepting. It's better than its ever been before but its still not something that is easily accepted well atleast for me its not. I wish I could have people that would support me. But yes I agree being bi is hard.

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