It's hard that everyone else is moving forward with their li

It's hard that everyone else is moving forward with their lives and because of trauma I'm still stuck in the past. Not that I am not happy for them..

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You're not alone, but I still dwell on my past. It's never easy to get out of it.

@KidDJ I’m working through things the best I can.
I even reapplied to something that will help my future. I’m nervous for the meeting though.
I have to realize maybe I’m growing little by little and that it takes time and patience.

Unfortunately, it really does suck. I can so relate. I refuse to get into relationships until I feel good in my own skin, and people my age have been in many serious relationships, moved in together, have kids, get married, even get divorced, have houses, have careers... and Im still coming to terms with one break up and how having a NPD parent has made me a fearful avoidant empath. It's like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and well you just have to be all in on yourself. commit to yourself, for better or worse. Some days are extremely hard, you may feel frustrated or alone, but these steps forward are VERY amazing accomplishments. The fact that you're facing your fears, investing in yourself, you're essentially telling yourself "I matter". And if youve spent a lifetime sort of being looked over, having your own back will begin opening you up, laying the foundation, and building your life slowly but with strength. It will be a much stronger foundation than someone who hasny experienced the strength this took from you. < 3 You're doing amazing. I know youll set yourself up for success, dont look at the other horses in the race just keep running and focusing and being strong. focus on that.

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@Doodle1234 thanks for your comment.