Its lonely at the bottom. Its lonely at the top. But hey I a

Its lonely at the bottom. Its lonely at the top. But hey I ain't upset all I can really do is laugh at this truth.

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Hi ,i feel this way too ,can talk if you want too

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@Morgan74 it just sucks that I can feel good about the day but it doesn’t change that I’m still alone now. Why do you feel the same?

I can have great days ,but i always feel alone,i could be in a room of people but still feel alone,if one day is beter than another i question why .i always feel im all alone

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@Morgan74 yeah loneliness sucks. I hate it. All I really can do is fight the feeling

How do you get through your day?i realy dont know how i do but i do

The gym helps a lot today I spent like 3 hours in there today, it kinda feels pathetic but whatevs. I also write short stories and poems. You don't have have hobbies that make you feel better?

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Its not pathetic that you do your best to fill your time,i like the idea of short stories and poems though,as poems i have done and do like i keep a diary which helps kinda but cant find anything to keep me realy busy ,i avoid tv makes me worst ,where are you from?

@Morgan74 new york. Maybe you can go to the gym? Its really time consuming