It's not that I just pull out my hair, it's that I'm fixated

It's not that I just pull out my hair, it's that I'm fixated on pulling the what I call "infected hair". I would get a reddish bump on my scalp (which looks kind of like a pimple) and within that would be a hair follicle. When I pull out this specific follicle there is like a transparent capsule around the root of the follicle, if that makes any sense. I don't get this follicle if I pull an area of my scalp which does not have a red bump, and I actually never pull any other areas of my hair that does not have a red bump, only those with.
Somehow I have these thoughts that if I remove this "infected hair follicle" that the red bump will go away, and it's these follicles that are causing this annoying red bump. Before I know it, I've gone on a hair-pulling-spree and have an unsightly patch along with scaring on my scalp.
I'll try and upload pictures of what I mean.
If I didn't have these red bumps on my scalp, in all honestly I would not pull out my hair. I only target these specific areas. However, also putting the BS aside I would probably find other means of pulling.
I've tried so many creams, lotions, medication to remove these bumps but nothing works. :(
Does anyone else also have this specific problem., this is an amazing resource. Hugs and welcome!

@CKBlossom thank you for that! will check it out xx

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