It's not wrong

it's not wrong.....

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Thanks angelgirl. We should not bottle our sorrow and heartache. We need an outlet or else we will die inside while we live. Thanks

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@lavishly Your welcome I agree Hugs :slight_smile:

@java It is very awesome :slight_smile:

One of your best yet... :)

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@StringlessPuppet Thank you my friend :slight_smile:

@omw Thank you hugs :slight_smile:

@angelgirl12 We are so lucky to have found this SG site. On a daily basis, I read SG friends post "venting," and expressing how they feel to each other........ Posting things, they've never told anybody, even their loved ones. We are a sympathetic, and compassionate lot on SG........Being able to vented, and having people who empathized, and really cared. The comments, and advice are so helpful,supportive, just knowing somebody, really cares about you is so comforting, and exactly, what many of us needed...... Be strong, the best is yet, to followed......SG friends are here, yo support, and be supported.

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@Irma Thank you for your post I completely agree the people on here really understand what we are going thru therefor we feel they can be trusted to not stomp on our emotions when we post them. Hugs :slight_smile:


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@Lolcat3000 so many times we are taught that its wrong to be angry, to scream and shout, to swear at ppl when theyve done us wrong…so we end up being doormats and ppl who never do anything “wrong” its very frustrating

This is one of your best yet! I have enjoyed ALL of them each and every day! Thank you so very much Angelgirl! You are a very thoughtful, caring and AWESOME Individual!

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@Marlene1105 Thank you Marlene and I agree this one is a very powerful and helpful. I have found that you along with all my SG friends are very caring and they are awesome too. Hugs my friend :slight_smile:

I'll have to send this one to my mother sadly she thinks all of this is wrong..... Love this quote :)

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@newyork That is the way alot of us were brought up sadly. Hope it helps her too :slight_smile: