It's puzzling to me that Love Addiction is not one of the gr

It's puzzling to me that Love Addiction is not one of the groups on here. Many people have heard of sex addiction, but love addiction also exists and often co-occurs with co-dependence. Anyone who can't stay single, remains in a bad relationship even though they know they should leave, anyone who "falls in love" more than once a year or who habitually bases their identity on the relationship they're in may be a love addict. 40 questions for self-diagnosis here:

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wow, I think you just described me life...

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@rkymtnbaby you might see if there are SLAA meetings in your area. I’ve been “sober” in the program nearly 6 weeks. I’m definitely starting to feel the magic of the 12 steps. My relationship with my family is also improving now that I’m not fixated on emotionally unavailable men to the exclusion of the people who actually care about me. SLAA is awesome because the people there actually understand what I’m talking about when I describe the way I experience romantic love. My non-addict friends don’t understand why I’ve been concerned about my romantic patterns. In SLAA they not only understand, they’ve been there themselves. Such a relief to realize I truly am not alone and there’s a path to recovery that many before me have walked.

I too wish we had s group on here for love addiction.