It's really hitting me how hard it was living with people wh

It's really hitting me how hard it's been and has been, living with people who are always "nice" but not honest. My dad was a narcissist and quite possibly a sociopath, my mom does her own emotional manipulating. I'm living in a constant fear/paranoia because no one has angrily blown up at me in a year, and I'm sure that people are just sitting on their true feelings and that I'm f***ing everything up, majorly. And I'm aware of how messed up it is, but I'm not sure how to stop feeling like that.

Hi, I understand the feeling of living with people and feeling like you are always walking on egg shells with them. Do you have anywhere that you could go that makes you feel safe?

@hrp23 I’m doing okay. I can’t do a lot right now for being around other people, because me and most of my friends are in the high-risk Group for COVID. I’m not in danger. I phrased it poorly, but my dad died over a year ago, so that was why things are/were feeling weird. Thank you, though :slight_smile: