It's so difficult to explain to others who have never dealt

It's so difficult to explain to others who have never dealt with a disordered mind and the covert and overt emotional abuse over long periods of time. Its all hidden. And i was the one hiding it from the world and even myself. It's almost not worth trying to explain and therefore explain why I can't just jump right into a "normal" world with "normal " people and why my reactions are hypersensitive and I'm overly cautious of...everything. like wounded cats, we are. Here's to 2016 cutting ourselves free in mind, body and spirit from their devastating destruction

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My dad and ex were both narcissists. I completely understand how bizarre the "normal" becomes, and how crippling those scars become. I'm trying to be in a relationship with a "normal" guy, and constantly feel like I'm walking on glass cuz I have no idea what is ok or not ok. And it drives him nuts that I can't just relax and be comfortable.

Maybe the new year will bring useful insight.

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@Verelinn omg, I feel the same way…I second guess why someone is being nice to me…especially males. . Why did you do that ? Why would you offer to help fix my dryer, why did you open the door for me? Why did you share your meat with me? Why did you retrieve my arrows for me? Let me walk in front? What is normal? ???

@Verelinn I don’t trust anyone now and I used to ve such a polyana. My alleged best friend now living with him… she was secretly having him western union her money for two years prior! The motives of normal people…right? Nice? Someone actually being. …nice tome? Shocking! It’ll take time I suppose for me too. Glad that guy drove you home. There are predators out there :slight_smile:

I've delt with a covert narc pychopath for 4 years- and found out 2 months ago..and your right it's hard to explain- about these paticular ones..even tho all narcs all horrible!!!

@northernbayfree just 3 months ago, I discovered I am not the only one who has endured, experienced all the years of covert narcissism, bpd behavior, passive aggressive, and aggressive behavior. …and made to feel guilty for enduring it and feeling the need to apologize for my existence. While it is sick, I am very glad to have "company " in this arena and wish that we all can heal from it and guard ourselves from future encounters with these. …types.

My ex can't understand why I couldn't just 'get over' what he put me through. Others get over that stuff. Well, yes, they do. But the ones that 'get over it' (or through it, rather) have GOTTEN OUT and don't have to LIVE WITH the person who put them through hell. It was only after I decided to leave that I felt like I could heal.

From Substance Abuse to Narcissist Abuse & Trauma