Its so much terrifying . Even while waking up or trying to s

Its so much terrifying . Even while waking up or trying to sleep i have panic attack . Due to bpd I couldnt work in a job that I got after very long time within 5 months. I left the job and now unemployment is slowly draining me.. I feel so useless and left alone. Cant stop tears when i see people or talk with anyone. I am desperately looking for job but I dont know will i value it even if i get one but every moment is like dying

Hi, I feel your pain. I have been in the same box for a while. I found it helpful talking to my doctor and using helpline services. From there I started taking free courses around to help me meet people and stay active. I would recommend try voluntary work and try and use that to deal with the problems you faced in your last employment. If you can't afford it maybe go back to college or do something fulfilling. One thing though is try not to compare yourself with others. So what other people can hold down a job for 10 years, all that matter is that you are happy. And happiness begins within. Don't be afraid of failing just roll with the punches.

I cant stop comparing my life with others . I have been on bed just lying and doing nothing for more than 6 years. I feel angry , gulty sad when i think about the time i wasted. And knowing that I cant change the past wants me kill myself. And i am used to ut now. I cant get any motivation to to even a small work . Its not just lazyness , i can feel a fear when i had to move even to clean up myself.

@Monica111 Stop it right now. Get out of that bed, get out of your head! Focus on one step at a time! Watch Joel Oseteen for spiritual support, Louise Hays affirmation videos, anything to get you out of your head! Eat healthy, take a walk, go outside get some sunshine. FOCUS ON THE NOW. Don’t like your thoughts? Change them, the brain is only able to entertain one thought at a time. Think of it as a radio, don’t like the channel? Change it! There is a song, only you can feel the rain. Only you can change you, no matter how much advise anyone gives us, it is only up ourselves that do the change. Remember the first step is always the hardest. Take care and keep posting.