Its the 1st day off the year of my 5 year marriage im only 2

Its the 1st day off the year of my 5 year marriage im only 24 and we have a beautiful 4 year Old , i cnt remember being happy for moré Than 3 days , she complains about not being special to HER not respecting House chores , im too critical of Other people . Im not shore maybe Its the fact that Since i left school ive dedicated 10 hours of my day to provide for my family , so i never go out , i DONT have any FRIENDS , i havnt spoken to another girl as a friend in years All my "3" FRIENDS are from work. I dnt even go gym anymore , my issues are of HER being súper disrespectful , she never shows any care to my feelings and when i let HER know im upset about something shes doesnt reply or say anything i go too bed waiting for a reply for days and nothing. THIS year three days BEFORE cristmas i started waiting midnight came 31st everyone in my family have each other THEIR best wishes and a hug shes did with everyone exept me so we came home i asked to sleep by my self it took to a big argument were she said Its over , im so confusedl

Maybe things have just come to a head and the two of you are young and tired, have you considered marriage counseling to see if the marriage can be saved?

Yeah weve done it for a while but it always comes back to days of silence Its 3:30 and im on my sofá bed with a million question to wich she neva answers maybe never will , ..,,,,,,,,.........

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