I've always had tinnitus since I was born partially deaf, bu

I've always had tinnitus since I was born partially deaf, but now I am developing a type of tinnitus on top of my existing one tone ringing tinnitus that sounds like a phone ringing- really annoying to have to run to the phone and realize that it's just my ears! Sometimes my tinnitus sounds like spaceships in a sci-fi movie and other times it sounds like a constant vacuum cleaner. Does anyone else have significantly worse tinnitus in their deaf ear?

Are you under a care of an ENT Dr?

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@godlovesus Yes, I’ve seen the same ENT doctor since childhood, he’s a great doctor and says that getting Covid twice in 2020 may have worsened my preexisting tinnitus- we’re going to monitor it together over the next year and see if there are any solutions to manage my tinnitus (white noise, hearing aids etc.) I’ve learned to live with my lifelong tinnitus these days since its pretty much here to stay! I try to look on the bright side with my hearing disability and my tinnitus.

@MiniMeltdown07 You have a great attitude. It is very important to see a sliver lining in everything.
Keep us up dated on how things go, and what helped you the best to manage the tinnitus.

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@godlovesus Thank you very much! I’ll keep you posted about my tinnitus and I’ll continue to manage it and make the most of it. You’re a great person- I see you helping so many people in so many different groups on here and your kind heart and insightful mind are great gifts that you share with others.