I've been absent from here for a while, trying to sort thing

I've been absent from here for a while, trying to sort things out with my fiance. We have the appearance of things being a little better, but I still don't know. He has hurt me in many ways, but he doesn't see that, always claiming it's me that is insecure. I suppose I am in a way because of all that has happened since we became a couple over a year ago but I find that he builds other people up and tends to put me down. Seems to be a double standard to me. When I call him on it, he says I am taking it the wrong way. I know, go figure. The bottom line is, I love this man and he keeps telling me that he does want to marry me and that he loves me....I told him not to tell me things I want to hear and to be honest, but I don't know if that is truly happening. I broke down and even called a psychic for advice. I know, I know, don't throw tomatoes at me. My fiance also seems really secretive when he is online with his "friends" (all female I might add) and tells me I am reading into things that he posts. I could be but at the same time, I don't know. A friend of mine said to stop focusing on him and focus on myself and just be happy with what I post and with what my friends say back to me. (which are all positive) She also said he will come around and begin to notice me more if I ignore him and act like everything is okay. Is this true? Any man have some insite on that? or am I just being stupid?

I am not a man, but a woman who can tell you to run - run very fast - past this person and don't look back. He does not make you happy, but does make others happy. Do you want to live like this forever? These are supposed to be your "courting" times and he should be showing you that the best is yet to come; he is not. Lastly, stay off of social media; that is the BEST advice that I can give - close down FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc... And live a normal life!

If I were you, I would pull myself away from this character and start really thinking what is important to me when it comes to a friend in my lin my life. I would start doing things that I feel good about and in the meanwhile, I would put this character on hold if I am not sure about him anymore and possibly I would start exploring other people who makes me feel good about myself.

I would start setting more boundaries too.