I've been alone for the holidays for the past ten years. I'

I've been alone for the holidays for the past ten years. I'm always invited to parties but they are mostly couples, gay, or if they're single they're way younger than me. I'd love to meet a single female artist between 45 and 55 in Los Angeles who is also alone for the holidays.

If you don't want to be lonely, then you have to step towards the people. Females in general are social , so they are much likely less to be alone. It does happen however, you might want to try meeting such a woman at a music event, or a dating site mayhaps?

I've met many women on dating sites, many of when contravention me first, but the second they find out that I have a menial job they end all communication.

@MatthewL dating sights can be tough I know what your talking about. I will say there are women out there who just want a guy who can hold down a job and isn’t a drug addict. I have found the two main things women are attracted to are your confidence and scence of humor. Just keep asking women out but make sure you have something to say and listen to them. Good luck

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