I've been away at college, and during this time I was diagno

I've been away at college, and during this time I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Everyone tells me I should tell my family when I see them again, but I don't think I can. How do you tell your parents, that you talk to people who no one besides yourself can see?

you just tell them. I know its big news. but they should know because they love you and care about you

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You need to tell them so that they can give you their support. My daughter was scared to tell us, too, but I'm so glad she did. I can now research the illness, let her sleep when she needs to, help her with medications, etc. Your parents will love you no matter what. Hugs.

Its very important they know so they know what to expect from you should you have a flare up. It might take them a while to come to terms with it but the sooner you tell them the better it is for everyone.

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@Davide_C Yes, knowing made me understand why she acted the way she did. It made me more patient and allowed me to realize when she is having a hallucination. I can now talk her through things and give her the much needed support that she deserves and needs.