I've been dealing with 33+ food allergies and candida. I didI've been dealing with 33+ food allergies and candida. I

I've been dealing with 33+ food allergies and candida. I did an allergy food removal diet for 3 months. Bascially I ate non starchy veggies and non breaded meat. Those are the only foods I don't react too. I started bringing back fruit which I removed only to get a handle on the candida. As soon as I did this I can't get rid of my headaches and I gained 7 lbs in 3 days from having a serving of fruit a day. I'm afraid of trying anything else but I can't survive on a little bit of meat and veggies forever for my sanity. Any suggestions?

Have you tried visiting a Naturopath, this seems very odd, how can you gain that much from whole foods?

Hi casperson, I am sorry you are feeling frustrated due to the allergies you have and uncomfortable symptoms. Since I am not a healthcare professional, I cannot make any scientific suggestions for you; however, I can easily connect you with a free appointment with a qualified healthcare professional through a digital service, called Maven Clinic. I found out about this awhile ago and found it helpful, so I know you would benefit as well. Just follow the simple steps below:

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casperson = I'm 63, had terrible food allergies and bad neck and chest psoriasis=caused by eating, Ending at age 58. It seemed like I was allergic to everything, went to doctor after doctor for 40yrs, anyway, about 5yrs ago I, looking for a solution, AGAIN, got into the candida cure game. Books, Supplements, all of it. Here's why I'm writing, I am 100% Not Allergic to Any Food and My Psoriasis is 100% GONE!!! Here's what I found. My Colon was over run with bad bacteria (call it candia, who knows) causing leaky gut syndrome which is what caused my food allergies and skin eruptions. Eating any sugars/carbs-vinegar caused my reacts the worst. 5 yrs ago any time I took Probiotics I would get dyreia and feel terrible so I'd stop, Anyway the Cure for Me was Getting and keeping my colon positive bacteria happy. I take Today Jarro-Dophilus EPS 5 billion every morning and InnovixLabs Multi-Strain Probiotic in the evening, I took many different probiotic but many don't past your stomach acid. My biggest problem today is I tend to over eat the many foods I stopped eating with the allergies ;];];] GOOD LUCK, I KNOW YOUR PAIN But am Grateful to Be Over it.