I've been dealing with anxiety for a little more than 2 year

I've been dealing with anxiety for a little more than 2 years. I'm on medication and have been going to therapy for about as long. Anxiety is a constant issue that no matter what, never is too far. I don't like what my therapist said when she stated that anxiety is an important emotion that helps us. I have a hard time coming to terms with that at this moment.

I understand how you feel. Even if there's a grain of truth to what she says how would that help anyone that is struggling with an overload of anxiety? It doesn't, it sounds dismissive and especially from a therapist who should know how debilitating anxiety can be at times that's even worse. If its possible for you it might be best to cancel any further appts with them and find a new therapist.

@CKBlossom My doctor increased it to 40mg a few months ago.

Anxiety can be a good and useful thing unless it is not functioning
>> properly. It sounds like you may have anxiety overload and it is not
>> fulfilling its proper role in your life. This could be caused by
>> stress, life circumstances which are overwhelming you, and/or a
>> chemical imbalance.
>> I know for me I am sometimes irrationally filled with anxiety. It is
>> like I can’t turn it off. I shake, quake and tremble. I am not sure
>> whether it aligns with environmental elements or internal elements,
>> like not having good sleep or something I ate or came in contact with.
>> But I use a natural herb, Valerian, to get me to where I can deal with
>> it. Sometimes I use it for sleep. A cup of Chamomile tea sometimes
>> helps or a peppermint or peppermint tea.
>> I also try to be very conscious of my food intake and what I do to
>> help my body function naturally. I try to maintain an attitude of
>> thankfulness by focusing on being thankful. I try to surround myself
>> with uplifting music, people, beauty and take proper care of myself.
>> I do find that the practice of “grounding” does help.
>> Anxiety can be debilitating. A good doctor and/or therapist should be
>> able to help you to find positive ways to handle this. I suggest you
>> call take a look at this list of resources at https://bit.ly/48yDUvR and see if they help.
>> I am praying for you and adding all of us who suffer from this malady.
>> God bless you.

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