I've been diagnosed with Herpes(genital and oral) for about I've been diagnosed with Herpes(genital and oral) for about

I've been diagnosed with Herpes(genital and oral) for about 7 months and I still am not sure how to cope. I'm in a relationship but since my diagnosis we've had sex maybe 3 times. I know he's afraid of it and of me even though he won't admit it. Seeing the rejection and disgust on his face every time he looks at me make some want to just kill myself. Even when I wearing my sexiest lingerie he still won't have set with me. If he can't stomach the thought of being with me, then who could? I want a family of my own someday and now a days it feels as if I'll never have that because nobody will want to be with me.

If this guy is unable to look past it then unless he's willing to maybe get counseling about it or accepted then you are wasting your time with him as hard as it might seem and there will be other people who are more accepting an you deserve that. it is something that you need to discuss with him and get him to make a decision because you are wasting time if nothing is going to change. just because he thinks that way it doesn't mean that others will look at so many people have relationships and that can happen to you

Time to move on...the first time he looked at me with disgust I would have asked him if he had a problem. People can be abusive towards you with non verbal cues. It's pretty messed up that he may just be with you out of pity. You won't speak up because you feel like you don't deserve better or that you should just be happy someone accepted you...That's bull**** because you deserve a fulltime lover that wants to accept all of you and doesn't look at you like a bag of ****. Why are you letting him get away with sex 3-times in 7 months!!! You like sex and if he has a problem he should tell you. If he finds you disgusting thank him for the 3 orgasms and move on because he has the problem not you. You deserve a full time man not a half of one. It sounds like he checked out and it may be time for you to check out to.