I've been doing good on hooking up with rando's....cuz of th

I've been doing good on hooking up with rando's....cuz of this virus thing I'm being good, just seeing enough guys to pay for food and this place. Staying home, keeping a low profile is not taking care of my needs....I was feeling bored, frustrated so yesterday I hitched up to a rest area. Was able to let my inner bad girl out where it was safe...just truck drivers....was there all night, feeling alive and having fun.

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Wish you could find a boyfriend that understood you and could make you feel safe and wanted. I believe in you. Stay safe.

@Betrayedbyasexaddict thanks…I thought I had a b/f…was treating me good, I thought. he liked me but I was just someone to use and bang and pass around…he let me know what I was good for…nothing else…just like my very first b/f did…took me awhile to learn … but I finally learned…so why fight it

I'm glad she is doing ok....I just get upset at myself for being stupid....I think...wow...this might be different, he is special, he treats me good....then....like all the others...I'm reminded what I am....just wish I could turn off those stupid hopes I get, life would be lots better.

Like the saying goes there’s plenty of fish in the sea and there is a person for everyone u just have to wait

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@pasquiev yeah…I guess…thanks