I've been doing really well with my boyfriend lately and I'v

I've been doing really well with my boyfriend lately and I've just always had minor issues with believing everything will always work out. Today I talked to him, I'm in college he's in high school, and we took a small break and ended up getting back together. Well today I told him my worries and how I don't like leaving him and what not. Our talk got pretty deep and he said something along the lines of he doesn't see himself breaking up with me and he doesn't want to but he can't promise we're gonna get married or be together forever because he's just not sure how life will pan out. Me on the other hand I can see where he's coming from kinda because if he cheated on me I would wanna break up with him, but I don't see myself with anyone else I want to be with him forever. He clearly doesn't want to break up but he doesn't know if we'll last forever. Am I thinking into this too much? Or is a normal thing? He just takes things day by day and I look at the bigger picture. He also said he doesn't want me to break up with him he was worried today when I asked him to talk that I was going to. Please comment I want others opinions.

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Your making him feel pressured with everything that your going through. Don't let your anxiety overcome you. breatheIt'll be ok.