I've been feeling immense anxiety towards my upcoming appoin

I've been feeling immense anxiety towards my upcoming appointment with my np because of my weight loss. Today, I spent 30 minutes trying to come up with the best combination of clothes to bump my weight up yet still look normal. I couldn't do it with clothes alone, so I ate as much food as I could so that I can pass off with an acceptable weight. I am considering hiding weights or anything possible in my pockets to get it as high as possible, but can't seem to get it to a level where it won't be noted. I hate being forced to eat when I've been happy without doing so. I'm now feeling sick due to overindulging myself.

Hello there, cheer up adocken. What's np? Eastern chinese nutritionist are good. They know what person needs and what a person is lacking individually which triggers the illness. Instead of trying to solve the illness without understanding the the individual body's health condition clearly.