Ive been fine the past few days but then i woke up this morn

Ive been fine the past few days but then i woke up this morning and thought "I'm gay",for a moment i accepted it,then i cried. Now i feel i really am i dont feel anything anymore:fear,anxiety just numb. I dont feel attracted to the opposite sex anymore either. I went out yesterday and i found myself glancing around then when i caught a good looking guy i would get the thoughts. When i got back i watched some Eddy Defoe videos,i felt better. Now i feel like i really am it seems like i want the thoughts,all the hocd just seems fake and im in denial. I feel like im just denying it,i believe im denying it. What should i do?

Accept it & stop worrying. There's nothing wrong with being gay!

There's a stigma in society that being straight is the norm, but honestly that makes no sense. It's just love and who cares if the person you feel attracted to has the same genitals?

You might like this vid https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QJtjqLUHYoY

@Helloyou although there is nothing wrong with be gay hocd is a real thing comments like that can make a person without ocd (h)ocd start to spike and get scared so please be careful with what you say in this group

People need to understand that being gay is biologically determined if i were gay i would have known it a long time ago im 17 ive dreamed of being with woman those are my best dreams but if someone were truly homosexual they wouldnt have this thing start with an event it would have started with loving the same sex wanting to have a relationship with the same sex wanting to have sex with thhe same sex and it wouldnt screw up their life 24/7 sure they could not want to be gay due to social repearcussions but not think all day hmm do i want to be gay do i find that person of the same sex attractive people who are gay just worry about telling everyone their gay i started this sh*t when a girl i was crushin called me gay and ocd went through the process now i cant feel pain so please dont come into a ocd support group and tell me wtf i am when ive never sat down and told you how i feel

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@JamesG7 that’s exactly what people with hocd go through thanks for understanding

Thats cause i have it :)

@JamesG7 my mind tries to tell me I’m gay and I get intrusive thoughts but I have a girl friend and I’m insanely deeply in love with her whenever I see her my knees feel week cause I really love her and want to have a family with her

And pre hocd first trigger i was waiting to find a girl to have sex with but now im more worried about starting my life getting a job joining the airforce before hocd i was a stone cold republican but now i see there is evil on both sides so liberaltarian is much better fighting to uphold the constitution and not worrying about stupid problems people can solve themselves as the great philosopher Voltaire stated: I may disagree with your opinion but i am willing to give my life for your right to express it

@JamesG7 so what are u saying I’m doing fine right now tho I’m happy

Yea your talking to they guy who worried about having a tapworm during a discussion in bio class i may be smart but ocd makes me appear stupid

@JamesG7 lol well I’ll ttyl I got a water polo game wish me luck

Id join the army before marines id rather not die

@JamesG7 army is good but you wanna be a real badass go to navy the try for seals 75% drop out rate.