I've been going through a break up since February. The prob

I've been going through a break up since February. The problem is that we still live together because of economic reasons. I just pray to God to give me strength to stand the pain. For her it seems a piece of cake but for me it's been harder. I wonder sometimes if it's out of habit since we have been living together 23 years. We haven't had intimacy for 2 years which hasn't bothered me.

We haven't been intimate in going on 5 years. My "roommate" (her preferred label) threatens to leave virtually every day. I overheard her talking to her daughter the other day, saying she has no place to go. She's right; her choices seem limited to here or homelessness. She berates me with varying degrees of viciousness for not accepting everything she says prima facie (like the super-villain who has "administrative access" who's hacking the cell towers; forcing them to secretly send encoded messages to our (just our two; no one else's) cell phones instructing them to bombard us with lethal doses of radiation), and for callously not protecting her (from the satellite dishes, poison gas machines, and ray guns). She castigates me for being so cheap, then bawls over the mean life of poverty I inflict upon her (she hasn't worked in 7 years, and she's living off my Social Security). We both feel desperately trapped too. She has a hearing with SSDI in January (four years in the making); hopefully then she'll have the resources to develop other options.