I've been listening to quite a few love songs, getting a bit

I've been listening to quite a few love songs, getting a bit jealous of people who have found love not gonna lie. I just wish I could find someone to love. It just feels like I'm missing out on so much I'm afraid I'll be alone forever. Sorry if this comes off as weird, I just get a bit embarrassed about talking about things like this.

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I don't think it is anything to be embarrassed about, why not start with a dog, plus, people love to see a happy person with a dog. It might help you meet more people as well.

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@CKBlossom I don’t go out much because I live in the middle of nowhere which is why I’m afraid I’ll never meet anyone.

Beware of love songs; they present an unrealistic idealized fantasy that the very best of relationships rarely live up to. Lasting relationships are at times messy, ambiguous, ambivalent, confusing, and some times hard work; like a garden, they require constant cultivation. If you base your expectations on love songs, you're setting yourself up for disappointment when reality doesn't measure up to the fantasy they've programmed you to expect.

@Piobaire no I expect things to be hard at times.

I'm a mentally ill person who's also looking for love.

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@KidDJ Have you ever been in a relationship before? If don’t mind me asking, I was just curious.