I've been married 17 years and decided I wanted to divorce m

I've been married 17 years and decided I wanted to divorce my husband. We have been officially divorced since November 23, 2015. We have 3 wonderful boys together. I stayed a lot of these years for our kids. He cheated on me 7 yrs ago for 3 months and wouldn't have told me if she hadn't shown up at my doorstep at 4:30am. Being that we just had our 3rd child and he was only 5 months old when I found out about the affair I decided to just stay because how can I support 3 boys on my own. I gave it 7 more years and I'm just not in love with him and I don't think I ever was. I feel in my heart that we all have a soul mate and best friend and I hope to cross paths with him someday. I want to do what is best for my kids and myself. I don't want my boys thinking that this is what love and marriage is all about. I want them to see me and there dad happy not miserable. Right now I'm having to live here in the same house as my ex and my kids. I can't get my place till May 2016. It's very toxic and I'm so depressed. I can live with my parents but I just can't bring myself to do it. They only live 6-7 min away. We have shared custody of our boys but there's not enough room at my parents for them to stay the night on the days I get them. I'm in a bad situation and I dont think I can stay another 5 months. He is going out at least 3 days a week with a bunch of new friends he has made including a girl. He is not socially drinking, he is getting so drunk that he cant drive home and has been coming home at 6am/7am the next day. He didn't drink the 17 yrs we were married. He is back to smoking cigs and now drinking. I work nights during the week and days on weekends. When Im off he goes out and when I get home from work he goes out. I dont drink, smoke and have never taken drugs. I cant drink due to seizures which I rarely have since my meds control them. So basically Im at home and he is out doing what he wants while I take care of our kids. I did encourage him to go out and meet people bc I want him to be happy. He was still in love with me and I knew going out would help fill that void. He was always crying here at home and kept trying to make it work for us. Anyway, he has taken it way to far and is being very irresponsible. Not sure what to do?

It makes for a very sticky situation as you live in the same house, yet have no control over what the other person does. What are some of your choices at this point? is there a way to move out before May? lots of hugs and support to you.

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