I've been posting on hocd, but can someone tell me the truth

I've been posting on hocd, but can someone tell me the truth of homosexuality? Is it fluid? Is it something I never discovered about myself? Hope you get why I am saying. Please help me

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Hey there, hugs and support to you. Just please make sure that posting here is not enabling the OCD cycle for yourself. Sexuality is not a rigid thing, and can be fluid, yet it is very personal in terms of what sexuality means for that individual, sexuality isn't a one size fits all thing. what does that group think.

I don't know much about HOCD, I have been gay and known it for all of my life as far as I can remember. I will say that during my life I have met many men who were married and loved and had sex with their wives or girlfriends and still enjoyed sex with men, too. Most of the men I knew at that time of my life were mostly heterosexual, but participated fully in homosexual activities. I believe for some people sexuality is very fluid. I am sorry you are having anxiety over your feelings. If you want or need to talk about it, I can talk to you from my experiences only, but maybe it can help you to understand some things. I am sorry for your pain.