I've been struggling with depression for about a year now an

I've been struggling with depression for about a year now and my mom finally found out about a week ago. Along with the depression she also found out I had been self harming for months. The day she found out we had talked about it for around an hour. After, she had made me an appointment with a therapist and that was that. We have not addressed it since. Yesterday she found out that a cousin around my age is also going through something similar, however her reaction was much different. She felt awful and wanted to talk about it for hours with my cousins mom. She has brought it up several times told my grandparents that she wishes there was something she could do. Why wasn't she so eager to talk about it with me? I feel like she thinks my problems aren't serious. The only thing she did about the self harming was ask me if I was going to stop. Of course I tried to stop, it's not something I wanted to be involved with in the first place. Yes, she did get me a therapist and I am very grateful for that. I just feel like my problems aren't real to her and that she thinks I'm just an over emotional teenager. Telling her that I was emotionally struggling was one of the hardest things I've ever done and it took me a long time to come to terms with telling her. Now that I have, I feel like she isn't taking it as seriously as it is.

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I'm 46 but my mom was and still is similar. She doesn't ever want to talk about me. The gift is that you now have a therapist. Therapists have saved my life. I hope you find the support you need from the therapist because sometimes mom's just can't be the mom we want and need.

Thank you for your words. They help. Hope all is going ok.

Honestly i 110% relate to that when i was a teen in h.s. she saw my wrists and did nothing and i told her i was depressed and needed serious help and she said ok and nothing happened. Finally after all that it took me til i was 20 to find someone that took initiative and take me to a mental facility and she broke down and tried to understand and apologized and blamed herself for never helping me. I forgave her, because she was going through a lot and we were NEVER close until now. Its good that she got you a therapist, maybe you can have a session with your mom together. Tell your mom youre reaching out for her, tell her what you just told all of us. Recognize that what youre going through terrifies her to a point where she doesnt know what to do or how to handle what shes feeling and it comes off as neglect. I could be wrong but i dont think i am, ive been through this and it hurts very much. Just be strong enough to speak your mind to her all the time. Sit her down and say how youre feeling. Also tell your therapist as well.

Thank you for telling me this. I felt like no one understood. My friends who have been through this kind of stuff have had totally different experiences and it has made me feel so alone. I will take all of your suggestions!