I've been struggling with how to handle the comments about t

I've been struggling with how to handle the comments about trich from family members who don't understand. I've dealt with it my whole life, beginning when I was about 9 or 10 y/o and my brother told me "you have got to stop pulling your hair [in response to me not wearing eyeliner + eyebrow pencil] ... I mean seriously... I'm not trying to be mean, but..." and that moment has stuck with me since. It really hurt to hear that from a family member especially while I felt so comfortable without wearing any makeup to cover my face. Now, I constantly deal with my dad's barking comments when I'm pulling. He usually yells out my name or calls me out in front of people, and I've told him to stop because it just makes me even more anxious, but sometimes he still does it. Also, my sister continuously tells me "why don't you just [insert other simple action here] instead?" or other comments about how I need to quit pulling as if it's easy to stop. Part of me is forgiving because I know they don't understand how it is living with trich your whole life, but the other part of me feels like they should at least know how to approach it better. Does anyone have any advice on how to handle these situations, whether it's personally or anything I can say to them? It just makes me feel so much more alone and isolated when my family says these things.

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I'm sorry to hear that. I'm kinda da same way. I can't stop it. It's kinda a release or something, I wanna stop but I don't know how. Have you tried doing other things?

@PrettynPink29 I know how you feel. With me, I get this unbearable tension that I only feel is fully relieved after pulling, and most of the time I know when I’m having a pulling session and I keep going because I’m so tense, and then I feel guilty afterwards. I’ve tried just stopping cold turkey and resisting the urge to pull by sheer willpower, but that only lasted about a week. Some hair grew in nicely but it was driving me crazy and I had to pull it out. During that time, I was trying to practice deep belly breathing when the tension arose (which I felt had a great impact, I was just very inconsistent and not disciplined with it) and try picking at my clothing, which kinda helped but of course it didn’t feel the same as hair pulling. One thing, which may sound odd, but I reverted to hair pulling in places that are “normal” to not have hair, such as my stomach or arms. Or I found these little feathers in my blanket that felt like the tips of hair and I would pull them out. Those two things felt the closest to the relief I get from pulling hair.

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