I've been trying to comment in this group and finally I can!

I've been trying to comment in this group and finally I can! Woo Hoo! I have a question for any caregivers out there! I have a client that I cherish with all my heart. She has CP and has three caregivers throughout the week. Her weekend caregiver takes advantage of her really bad. She comes in gets her dressed feeds her breakfast and then leaves to go to a party or the lake or whatever. She is supposed to be staying ALL day as she can not go to the bathroom by herself and she has had several accidents because no one was there to help her to the bathroom. I have turned this caregiver in twice to Adult Protective Services and nothing has been done as they tell her it is up to her to fire her and get someone else. She is afraid she will get someone worse and she says it takes so long to find someone. I fear for her safety and most of all dignity but I just can't seem to talk her into getting someone else. I need some suggestions fellow caregivers as to how to help this lady! Please.

I am not getting any feedback on my post I am wondering if anyone can read it. Will someone please comment so I know my posts are working? I am new to this and would really like to be included.

Thank you for your feed back, I really appreciate it. Yes we caregivers surely do need to stick together! My client is afraid to let her weekend caregiver go, don't know why except I know she takes her to her hockey games and lets her go to bed later than usual on the weekends. I've tried telling her that I can help her find someone else that will be willing to do all that, but in the end it is up to her. I told her when she's had enough and wants my help I'll be there for her. That's about all I can do for now. I just wish the Adult Protective services would step up and help her with this. I thought that is what they were there for!

@resthaven314 You have a good heart…peace to you.