Ive been up since 4:30am this morning. Im in bed just thinki

Ive been up since 4:30am this morning. Im in bed just thinkin about life and some of my major stressors. Im also pullung since 4:30 and its 9:30 now :-( im really frustrated and idk what to do. I oull from thr middle of my hsir so it is not noticeable but im still self comscious knowimg im half way bald im thr middle of my head :-(.....HELP

it sounds like thinking about your stressors is a big trigger to your pulling, i wonder how you can change that routine, where perhaps you use your hands to type here, talking it out instead of pulling? what do you think?

@Aura82 thanks …, my stressors play a huge role with my pulling. I’ll try my best to be a , more active user on this sight and I will see how it works out.

I am going to be your supporter Tiffy1987. Don't give up on trying to stop pulling. I am new to this site too and I have suffered with Trich for over 10 years. Even having to wear a wig that long. I know exactly the feeling when you spend hours pulling and can't stop. Do you have anyone you can call when you realize you are pulling? How about putting tape on your fingers and covering your head with a hat?

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@sshellito Thanks for the support I really do need it. I’ve been slacking off this website because I’ve been so busy with moving and what not but the support is necessary. I’ve never tried taping my fingers but I sure will now and let you know how that goes. Thanks again for the support.