I've been with my Bf for 9 years. We have a 2 month old

I've been with my Bf for 9 years. We have a 2 month old. Or entire relationship he has played video games. But since we have moved in together(the last 7 years) "our time" is around much. He works 2 jobs both odd night hours and has to sleep during the day. When he is awake he's usually playing a game. Even when the baby and i around. My entire pregnancy he immersed himself in skyrim. Now he's hooked on some mmorpg game on his phone. It goes every where with him. I feel like he talks to strangers more than me. I have spoken to him numerous times...poured my heart out. It goes no where ut seems. I feel alone. So alone. Intimacy of any kind is lacking. Isn't there actually. I don't know what to do. I have so much resentment. Everything revolves sound work sleep n games. Everything is last min. Doesn't clean anything up. Im exhausted trying to get his attention or trying to live on through all this. I want a fulfilling relationship. I've tried to accept and compromise. I've evenjoined the marathon. Im bored lonely angry frustrated and longing for connection. Can't stand video games. Such a waste of life

i'm sorry ... he needs to cut down. make him see that he is indirectly hurting you by not spending time with you or the baby.

I don’t know how anymore. I’ve discussed it til i was blue, tried backing n just doing my own thing but nothing is working. Just beyond frustrated. Thank you for replying. I need someone to talk to so bad. I don’t get out or have any real friends. My family is everything and i can’t have them judging him all the time. I really really appreciates that Yiubg replied. Thank you