I've got BPH, and have been on Flomax (Tamulosin) for severa

I've got BPH, and have been on Flomax (Tamulosin) for several years. I'm scheduled for a Rezum procedure in a couple of weeks. Has anyone experienced that? Is it as heinous as it sounds (but I guess better than TURP)? Any residual issues post-op (like incontinence or ED)? Were you able to D/C the Flomax, and did sexual function improve?
Having enjoyed a cystoscopy yesterday (felt like they used a 5/8" garden hose, with the threaded male union going in first), I rather think I'd like to be sedated, with a wake-up call for February.
Maybe March.
It doesn't help matters that my Facebook feed for the past several weeks has been flooded with ads for generic Viagra and incontinence supplies.

Not a guy so I don't have first hand knowledge of this, but what I would recommend is seeing a pelvic floor pt, they work with all genders and would probably have a ton of information for you. If you can't find one locally, there are many who see patients virtually. There are many who have accounts on instagram, yes they talk about female anatomy a lot, but I promise they deal with male issues as well.

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Part of it is that as a very young child I was hospitalized for a couple of months with kidney disease, were I was catheterized repeatedly, the pain of which left a lifelong impression upon me, and raises my anxiety surrounding the process a couple of notches.