I've had a pretty bad day Today and was just.. really disas

I've had a pretty bad day Today and was just.. really disassociated all day I guess? It just didn't feel like today was real. Maybe it's because of what happened last night. For the second time in my life last night I think I might have had had sleep paralysis. I came home yesterday around 3:30 PM. I watched YouTube for a bit than switched to Netflix to watch my favorite show (Charmed) and after two or so episodes I started to drift (around 5:30 PM) and I decided to just go to bed since I had had a long day (my first day back since break) and I woke up, checked my phone and it was 9:20 something, I don't remember going back to bed. It was all black I guess. Than I "woke up" It didn't feel like waking up it felt like I had just opened my eyes or something and I was still on my phone as if I was still checking the time. I than realized it was midnight and I thought "maybe I had read the time wrong" But I distinctly remember checking the time and it being 9 something. I was starting to go back to sleep but I started to paranoid because it was dark in my room (I usually have Christmas lights up for some light because I'm still trying to overcome my fear of the dark.) I just scrolled through Instagram for a few hours, got some snacks and watched YouTube until 3:00 AM. I decided even though I'd already slept that I should probably get a little more sleep since I had school today.. than around I don't know what time I "wake up" I opened my eyes and I realized I could not move. I started panicking and I shut my eyes and refused to open them. I tried so hard to move but it was like I was suffocating. Like there was a thick wet blanket on me or something. I was terrified.I tried to scream, I tried so hard to move, and I think I started crying (because when I woke up my pillow had a wet spot like id been crying.) and after crying It went black like I'd fallen back asleep or something. Than I woke up to my alarm at 6:00 AM. And what freaked me out is that I've been having what seems like night terrors for weeks now. The same feelings of being suffocated and panic. But they were just dreams and last night I'm afraid it felt like the same thing but more intense.. I'm scared that the same thing is going to happen tonight I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep.

hopefully you feel better today. sleep paralysis is terrifying im sure!

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I'm sorry that you were having these experiences. If it really is sleep paralysis, maybe consider seeking medications that might be out there or at least seeing a doctor. Best wishes and I hope you feel better!

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@PJames thank you so much :slight_smile: I’m going to try seeing someone who can help soon