I've had gender disphoria for as long as I can remember but

I've had gender disphoria for as long as I can remember but I only found out about transmen three years ago. I was hoping it would pass but it has not. I told my mother about it a few weeks ago and she kind of just said it would pass but it's been so long I now know it won't. I can't stand looking at myself in the mirror, I cut and bruise myself and so often think about ending my life and I am too scared to speak about it to any of my friends. Please help I don't feel I can carry on anymore

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You're not alone out there, and I am clueless when it comes to transgender. Maybe like your mum doesn't fully understand what you are going through, her love should be unconditional and you need to what is right for you to feel good in your body! Please don't do anything silly, you're worth more than you think. Speak to friends, they might surprise you and bring you closer, if not other family members you can talk to?

Whenever I bring it up specifically to her she says it's okay and she tries to be nice but then when I do my hair a certain way or want to buy certain clothes she comments and tells me not to because it looks too boyish and tells me to change it. So she doesn't get that that is the point of it for me. I don't think she understands how serious it is for me and how uncomfortable I feel in my body. Thank you, I appreciate your help

@Leaton lgbt is such a big part in our society now and I am sure there must be counseling for it, go with your mum and that might help her understand what you are going through. People don’t understand transgender very well, even less when it is the older generation! Dress how you want, have your hair how you like! I and sure she will come round once she understand it a bit more :3

Hey welcome to SG mate. I get you, I also only found out aboutpeople being trans a couple of years ago, and when I did I realised that there actually was a name for what I felt and that I wasn't the only one who felt like that... at first I tried to deny that I was trans, but I've accepted it now and I'm starting to plan my transition and come out to a few friends. The whole thing is scary, but even just what I've done so far has me feeling a lot more like maybe there's a future I want to be part of. Please don't give up on life, and please try not to hurt yourself. It's worth keeping going and trying to make your life into what you want. Maybe look into going to a trans support group near you, it might help to meet people in person. We're here for you on SG too. I'm here for you if you want to talk. Take care mate

Thanks, that means a lot. It's good to know you've been able to get to that stage. It's a little difficult because in South Africa there aren't really trans support groups but I suppose I could try go see a therapist or something to not have to feel so lonely through all this. Appreciate your reply

@Leaton that is tough, I’m lucky in that respect at least I live somewhere that supports like that are available… it could be worth trying a therapist, it can help a lot to have someone to talk to. Do you have any friends who might be supportive of you?