I've hit a new low

I am 52 years old and just got arrested at Wal-Mart for shoplifting. I've been stealing for over 40 years now, and I just don't know why. There is no one I can talk to - it's really hard to get therapy in the small town I live in. I am well thought of in this town and I am afraid if anyone knew how much I steal my husband and I would lose respect. He doesn't even know I steal? Where do I go from here?

do you have a town that is kind of close to you like maybe 30 minutes away frm you that you could drive to and go to therapy? i would start off by telling your husband. i always believe honesty makes a better relationship and maybe he can help support you.you never know maybe he will be just the support you need. im not a professional so i could be wrong and it is completely up to you. i understand the whole small town thing.everybody knows everybody. next thing you know they all know your business before you can turn around,i also understand the whole thing about them looking down on you believe me i live in a small town uand i have been in a similar situatuation. except for i was somebody i knew and everybody acted like you were the same way and that the person who stole was a bad person. of course i dont believe tat way and cant stand when people think that way. i think it is great that you know there is something wrong and you want help. i wish you the best of luck and hope i was helpful in some way.

Hi foxy - thanks for sharing. I did tell my husband everything last night, it was a positive experience. I won't say I feel good today, but I do feel hopeful. The arresting officer was also very helpful; he says he knows I won't get convicted because of my age and the fact that I don't have any previous charges. . . I believe this is what I needed to make me really look at my kleptomania. Life certainly isn't dull.