I've just began to question whether or not I may have a eatiI've just began to question whether or not I may have a

I've just began to question whether or not I may have a eating problem. I have always loved to eat. Who doesn't? But I feel like it's getting to a very unhealthy point. Multiple times a day I will eat to the point where I feel sick and I will do nothing for hours because of how sick I feel. I avoid hanging out with other people, because I don't know anyone who likes to eat as much as I do and it makes me feel bad about myself when I can't stop talking about food and everyone around me isn't hungry. When I'm at school or work preoccupied doing something my hunger isn't that bad. But if I have nothing to do I can't stop thinking about food. And when I go to get food I will get way more than I need and I know I don't need that much but I can't stop myself. Even after I'm full I will keep eating until everything is gone, and I feel satisfied that I'm not hungry, but at the same time I'm mad at myself that I ate that much. I always hope that the over eating will sustain me and I won't feel hungry again for the rest of the day, but an hour later I'm hungry again and looking for more to eat. Even after eating myself into sickness if someone offers me more food I will eat it without hesitation. I feel like I can't even control myself. I don't know what to do. Or how to stop this.

Welcome to our group. We're so glad you've found us. We form individual relationships for support and share many great ideas. Based on your post, I suspect that you do have an eating disorder. Recognizing that fact puts you a giant step closer to recovery. Feel free to join in, we're glad to have your on board.