I've managed to Isolate myself a little too well

Hi boys n girls,
There's a new kid in town.

Just briefly glancing through a few posts, responses etc. I see people saying this is a safe place? I guess that remains to be seen but it sounds good. Hmm imagine that a depressed person concerned about emotional security? Whoda thunk it? I suppose I'll put a few things out there and see what happens.

I've managed to withdraw far enough and isolate long enough that I literally don't have anyone left to talk to. It's been even longer since I've had any one to really confide in.(G)depressed and lonely? Wow that's unusual ;-)

The people that I do know just from proximity association are not the type that even understand emotional honesty let alone want to go there. Unfortunately, or maybe not, I tend to live there and prefer to be with people who do the same.

So.. Who wants to meet the new guy?
Oh yeah I'll prolly post a picture before long.
and yes most of the spelling errors are intentional.

Patrick L.

You've got something to offer Patrick, again I look forward to what you have learned to bring to the table & help others lending your opinion, point of view. Welcome.


Seems we have much in common, Trick. Seems like you've found a good place here. Keep sharing...