I've missed quite a bit of school due to migraines, to the p

I've missed quite a bit of school due to migraines, to the point where I can't miss any more. Pain meds don't help, and I've had to go to school with excruciating pain, and wasn't able to focus because of it. Anything you guys do to help?

I've known a few people who've suffered with migraines but nothing as extreme as yours and pain Meds didn't do much for them either. Maybe you could try aroma therapy and meditating. I'm most certainly not a doctor, nor have I ever had migraines, but I thought I might just add my two cents. Take care of yourself and have a lovely day ;)

Yes and I just found my answer now. You have never had found a way to distract yourself. I bet your consistently fighting with yourself, am I right? And you looking for other ways to self harm in order to feel better. My friend, your not going in the right direction if your using e cirgarrets. To self harm.

Do you know what your triggers are? Once I figured out my triggers, life has gotten better. For me it is strong smells and lack of sleep. I have recently discovered baltic amber necklaces help me a lot. Once I started wearing one, my migraines went from throwing up for 3 days every 2-3 months to having a really bad headache lasting one evening every 6-10 months.

Hi! I am so sorry you are going through this. I am a college student and have chronic migraines. Currently I am trying to work with the disability office...they will allow you to go over the allowed number of absences or if you have a migraine during a midterm they could potentially move it to a different day. I would also talk to your doctor about getting on preventive medication so you aren't taking ibuprofen or tylenol all the time. If you use too many OTC pain meds, it can lead to withdrawal headaches :(

i use ice packs to cure my migranes you can buy an ice mask on the intenet for ab out 10 dollars its reusable and it helps way better than pills for me i used to get shots for them too but found the ice works the best good luck