I've never felt so confused about everything before. Im havi

I've never felt so confused about everything before. Im having an outbreak on my face and couldn't be more embarrassed or ashamed. I hate it cause I work in a customer filled environment and I hate when people look at the bumps. Then found out my dad has abused my mom after I found bruises all over her arms. My life feels like a giant **** hole just getting worse and worse. Someone talk to me please

Oh yeah and the more lysine the better.! And I said the feelings are normal because I sense the shame and embarrassment is whats eating at u.I'm sorry people suck sometimes to and its hard just try to keep ur head up.good luck:-)

I'm trying haha but thank you

It's never easy finding out you have an incurable disease. Nor is it ever easy finding out that there is abuse happening in your family. I feel for you in both aspects, except my herpes is on my genitals. You are not alone. You just have to keep reminds yourself that everyone in the world struggles everyday.

It's just crazy cause I know everyone probably thinks this but it's like I never thought I'd have these struggles in life