I've posted before that I'm divorcing my wife. Quick recap,

I've posted before that I'm divorcing my wife. Quick recap, over the last year and a half, she pushed me away emotionally and physically, moving into our guest room, and had at least one affair that I know of, and that was the final straw. I'm finalizing my divorce petition this week.
Her family has a history of thyroid conditions, her mom's been on hyper/hypo thyroid medication most of her life. The wife got tested a few years back and also has a thyroid condition. She took meds for it for a few months, gave up, waited a few years until this spring to get back on them and has been on it since. Last night, she tells me at her follow up, her endocrinologist sees something in the gland and wants to do an ultrasound and some tests, thinking she has thyroid cancer.
I'm so lost as to what to do, say, think, feel....
Has anyone else been through something like this? Where your ex-spouse is, or potentially is, dying from a terminal cancer?

That's a very difficult situation to be in. It sounds like she was the one that stopped caring, so I'm sure this news hit you pretty hard. Hopefully the tests will be negative, but if not, you will most likely face decisions that I'm sure you're spending a lot of time thinking about right now. Especially if she decides that she needs you in her life again, to help get her through this. . . . you will have to figure out if you can emotionally handle being there for her . . . as well as, can you handle it if you decide not to.

Sending many thoughts and virtual hugs your way!

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She hasn't been tested yet? Don't jump the gun.

Both of you make good points, I just need to wait until the results get in. I'm the type of person who could easily go back into a relationship under these circumstances, which almost scares me that I'm that self-aware. I was very much in love with her, but I'm not so sure she felt the same. I know she did, and still does, love me; I don't think she was ever IN love though. Which doesn't feel great. Thank you for your words, it's much appreciated.

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