I've started having bad panic attacks when driving on the h

I've started having bad panic attacks when driving on the highway. Has anyone else experienced this? If so how did you deal with it?

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I have panic attacks when I drive also. My doctor told me to avoid the highway, or find a safe place to pull over until it passes. Not sure if this helps any, because I realize that it's not always possible to pull over to the side. However, I am also interested in hearing what others might have to say.

Yeah I want to stay away from highways but I just don't want to give into the fear. It just came about for no reason like two weeks ago. I mean I have anxiety and panic attacks in general but it just seems like such a strange fear to have for no reason. But that is what puts me in panic when there no room to pull over. So idk.

I sure know what you mean about giving into fear. It seems a little silly of me worry about it so much, but my car broke down on the highway last year and I haven't really gotten over it, I guess...
If I start to panic, I just turn off the radio and start singing some stupid song until I arrive; something to put my mind in a different mode. I also take 5 to collect myself and do some breathing exercises before I depart. After reaching my destination I make sure to assure myself that everything went ok - saying something like "See... that wasn't too bad... nothing to worry about." I really don't understand anxiety to well. Might be a side-effect from medication. Triggers seem different for most all cases. Hope you get the result your looking for.

Thanks man. Hopefully there's some sort of cure for this. And I don't know about you but mine seems to get much worse at night.