I've wrapped my wounds up in bandages with glue and tape and

I've wrapped my wounds up in bandages with glue and tape and forced myself to move forward because I didn't have the time to heal myself. Now I'm left with scar tissue and permanent marks that have left me with the inability to heal properly. I'm forever changed and unable to know how to not be affected by these old wounds. I just don't know what more to do.

It just means you are not a medical specialist, and have no clue at what you are doing. Let a medical specialist that is specialized in dealing with scar tissue have a look at it, and inform yourself properly on how to heal from wounds so that scar tissues won't come up. Maybe they have some laser treatment that can deal with the scars to make them look a bit better.

@darketernal if my scars were physical then I would be able to treat them. Sorry I wasn’t more clear.

I journal a lot but I don't share with others. My stuff really is small compared to others. Just things from my childhood and bad relationships.

I also write journals and I know the feeling when you don't want to bother others with your problems.
But you know what, you're an individual beeing with individual problems and you deserve to be heard whenever you want to tell something. You can write me a message whenever you wan't to talk. Hugs.

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I can relate.. I am forever changed by events and people do not understand. It is almost as if someone did brain surgery on me and played with my brain and now it will never be the same

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@Justhereandhere that's exactly how I feel. The things that happened to me permanently changed me and I'll never be the person I should have been.