Jaffa cakes!

its 16:01.. And today has been a diet of

jaffa cake

jaffa cake

jaffa cake

jaffa cake.......

i am planning on eating dinner though!

karla, have you looked into getting help for your ED??

What the hell is a jafa cake?

Nevermind, I googled. All you've eaten today are cookies?

very light ones at that!!

karla, you really need to find some help. is there anything we can do?
how are you feeling nowadays?

yer.. its not been to much of a good day... and i just chucked my dinner away didnt actully eat any... cos i feel full up... :/ .. :S which is wierd i know!!..

do i need help ?? .... there are days were i do eat a little bit better than this... im scared of making it a massive issue... cause im worried what people are going to think of me..
this site is the only place were i can admit i have a problem.


Karla, you felt full because all you ate all day were nutritionally bankrupt 'light' cookies.

As much as it sucks to admit.. this is a massive issue. If you don't get real help its only going to get worse. You told your parents, and im sure they're more than happy to get you help. Take advantage of it! :)


karla, i am relieved that you finally ask this question. i really do think you need help. i know it's hard to admit. but it's not about you making a big issue out of it, honey, it already is one because if you continue like this it will only get worse and can ultimately either totally destroy your life or actually kill you!

could you maybe talk to a good friend, your mom or if you want someone objective maybe your doc?


i support on here is amazing.. and you dont reilise how much this helps... for people to actuly talk to me about my problem.

i told my parents that im still struggerling the other day... at 1st they shouted at me and were angry but i think there slowly reilising.. this is not me being a drama queen this is a problem... maybe an illness..

i notice myself getting smaller and smaller..

but today has been good so far.. i had a cereail bar.. and i had some soop. !



I'm glad to hear you ate more today...Did you have something to eat for dinner?

karla, thats some progress and the fact that you talked to your parents too is awesome :-)

keep it up, hun, and keep sharing! we'll go through this with you!