Jan's Visit to Houston

The highlight of my summer vacation happened last weekend! Jan made the trek to Houston, land of cowboys, longhorns, oil, and... Me! ♥ She arrived on a Friday morning following a flooding Thursday; the skies miraculously opened up and, after dropping a quick HELLO! shower, cleared to reveal my city teeming with lush greenery and budding trees. :) We hit up Panera for some yummy lunch, then headed to my house for an introduction to my 'babies', Ollie and Mailo. Mailo tried to impress Jan with his acrobatic, high-flying skills, while Ollie kept a safe distance from the claw-happy kitten. ;0) Jan called my cardiologist as "me" and asked some questions about what "I" can expect on Tuesday. (Just a consultation that day! Yay!!) We saw Despicable Me that evening. Jan gasped as the cartoon characters got into dangerous situations! LOL!! It was a funny movie!! Lots of giggles! And POPCORN! ♥

Saturday began with the best ever visit to EDA. :) Jan got to meet some of the people I've had the pleasure of getting to know. We all laughed more than usual. And ended with a group hug! ♥

Then it was on to the Houston Museum of Natural Science to see Lois, the Corpse Flower! LOL!! There have only been about 26 flowers to open in the U.S., and this was the second in Texas. A big deal! "Un"fortunately, Lois had only just started to open, so we missed the BIG unveiling. But... As the flower's name sake rotting meat odor can permeate a two-mile radius, I'm not sure that was such a bad thing! Ha! :) We walked through the Cockrell Butterfly Center and looked at tons of gorgeous butterflies. :) Things of beauty! Amazing!

After the Museum, it was time for a tour! Jan has been listening to my "stories" for a year now... It was time to show her some of these places! :D We went to my OLD school, and my current school. We drove by the Y and stopped at Sonic for slushies. :) That evening was Kashi pizza for dinner, chased with ice cream! Jan talked down my guilt for breaking the "rules", and we both had a nice quiet night, relaxing and watching three episodes of House in a row! LOL!! Recovery ROCKS! ♥

Sunday morning was sad... Just because I knew Jan would be leaving that afternoon... :( The only bad part of having company is saying goodbye... :0/ We went to Chipotle for some yummy burrito bowls for lunch. :) Then to the Y for a personal tour of my little "world". :) And, (sigh), it was time to make the drive to the airport...

Sad to hug goodbye... But it will not be forever. I will find a way to Ohio again. :) Perhaps the WALK??? :D

Love you, Jan! Miss you bunches!! :)


awwww jen im sooo happy yo uput this up! i was just gonna message you how your weekend with jan went, it sounds great! wow!!!! it sounds awesome! i mean awesome, i cant wait for my birthday now! ha!

your time sounds so lovely jen, thanks for the details.. and im glad she called your cadiologist. your kitties sounds really cute, id like to see them....

it must be amazing to eat with jan, having that helping hand when you start to feel guilt. that must be freaking incredible! i laughed when i read of your reaction to your dinner, cause i knew jan was there to help you with those guilt feelings which is incredible.

and yes we do all have to have a reunion! one day! it woudld be so amazing meeting you all. it would be that piece of the missing puzzle...you know???

thanks so for sharing, i loved reading this!

and the museums sound great! I adore butterlies, in fact i chased quite a few this weekend, yes ---you heard me right i love to chase butterflies. the funny thing is, they let you..they like to 'play' sometimes. it is sooo lovely and makes me forget of ED.
i love butterlies, they are sooo FREE.


SOunds like you two had a great time Jen!

Im so happy you did.

I find that when fun and enjoyable times come to a close you are always almost straight away left with a sad feeling but after a while you realise you are lucky to have enjoyed that time and u hold on to that along with the anticipation of the next time to come...And the best part is the next time is always differant too, its something completely new again :) :) :)

Smiles Jen

All my Love

I saw the butterfly pictures on facebook and they are amazingly beautiful. What a wonderful sounding weekend.
I agree with Maureen, let's all go to New York in October for the NEDA walk and her birthday!

And Jan calling the cardiologist as "Jen" : I absolutely love that. You could probably start a second career doing that for all of us, Jan....

I read about the "corpse flower" in the news. Thought it was a joke.... only in Texas I guess!!!

hey i second molly’s idea if everyone else is game, ha…

id sure love it molly if you can go, as i am working on that trip to ohio, it will take longer, but im talking to joe about it.

and if anyone IS interested, the NEDA walk in New York on the 3rd of October. i think it is somewhere called Riverside park, but if anyone is interested, just message me…

thanks molly for you very sweet suggestion, as you are very welcome to come!


Jen...thank you for this witty and factual summary. NO ONE else can truly know the meaning of sharing the weekend together though. Your home is truly lovely, and I felt so pampered...even my own 'individual' size shampoo and conditioner! LOL
Sleeping under the memorable homemade quilt, and of course, the highlight of my first night...Mailo licking my eyelid as I tried to drift off to sleep!! So cute!
I loved seeing your 'world', and it won't be my last trip to Houston!!
P.S. Can you photo shop some of those wrinkles out of the pics on Facebook? ♥

hey hey hey jan!!! hey!!! no insulting your pictures , ive seen pics of you and are ver very lovely!
hey hey!

ha, seriously though, i am so glad you shared this with us. and the thought of mailio licking your eyelid is just plain adorable! makes me want to run out and get a kitty!ah, i wish i could.

im so happy you two had a memorable time.


Jan: Speaking of laughing uncontrollably, your last comment made me do just that.

I want to photo shop my wrinkles out too! I hear you my age-equal sister!

hey hey hey no insulting yourself girlie, haha…

you are very very beautiful.

and a great friend.

to you molly,


you guys are the best!!! I love sharing in your RECOVERY ROCKS adventures!!

Anyone is more than welcome to come to Philly anytime! we have lots to do here! Hahahha

I think it would be great if we formed a 'troupe' and traveled the country..coast to coast recovery support!!
We need a rich sponsor....hehe ♥

With a rich sponsor, I'd travel CONSTANTLY! ♥

No, no one can really know, Jan... But I wanted to try to wrap them all up in the feeling of friendship and warmth. :) Wish I could bottle it. **I** would be the rich sponsor!! LOL! :)



Two mutually ‘rich’ Gurus!! :heart:

I love reading posts like this. Having close friendships and having "real" relationships really makes life that much better.

And on a side note, the corpse flower is freaking crazy! I had the pleasure of seeing one a few months ago.

LOL, Heather!! The one in Houston STILL hasn't opened!! Aaaaahhhh!! It's taking longer than expected... :P

Really? I wonder why it's taking so long? Maybe waiting for me to return to see it? LOL! ♥